Thankz kerna sudi follow blog sy...n insyallah sy akan follow blog u all..apa2pun yg baik dari Allah SWT n yg buruk dr sy sendiri...dan sy mmg suka melepak2 n membaca entry2 kamu semua... peace anarchy
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Please forgive me

Ya Allah , please forgive me for the wrong Ive done
Ya Allah give me another chance to prove that pass
Please guide me and protect me along the straight path
And I know that I can make I'll be in heaven with You
ar-Ra'd 28'

Dear, dont's you dare cry
Cuz girl you know me all fall short sometimes
Dust yourself off, stand tall, don't let its go down

Open your eyes to Allah you'll see the beauty of
All the things that are going your way
Hold your head up high, it'll be okay

Allah is merciful the most forgiving
Pray five times a day, and never stop giving
You gotta keep on Quran, keep Iman strong
And one day, insh'Allah, you'll be among the stars
For now you better pray :D my girl ..thankz dear..

thankz for gimme an idea hollavate...

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